[V000] 2006 NISSAN FUGA / $4,900 OBO


Model: FUGA

Year: 2006

Price: $4,900 OBO

Color: BALCK

Engine Size: 3.5L

Transmission: AUTO

Mileage: 61,896 Km

JCI Expiration: 18 AUF 2018

Contact to at: Eric Lampkin

Cell Phone: 080-4449-5878

Work Phone: 225-3486

E-mail: eric.lampkin@usa.net

Seller Comments:

Luxury Car in EXCELLENT condition! Many High end Features!
Premium leather interior, low gloss wood finish.
Heated/cooled seats — Programmable seat & steering wheel settings.
Rear/blind-side cameras.
Outstanding deep-bass surround sound system.
Automatic 5 speed w manual turbo-boost override for fast highway acceleration.
GPS & Highway ETS systems
A lot of car for the money!

Publish Date: 29 MAY 2018

Expired Date: 29 JUNE 2018