[V334] 1999 SUBARU B4 / $2,000


Model: B4




Engine Size:2.0L

Transmission: 5 speed (Manual)

Mileage: 107,xxx km

JCI Expiration:3 APR ’20

Contact to at: HECTOR MENDEZ

Cell Phone:090-6522-5915

Work Phone: 225-8040


Seller Comments:

1999 Subaru B4
107XXX KMs on it
Twin Turbo, All Wheel Drive, perfect for travelling and getting around. I’ve been in snow/mud and haven’t gotten stuck once. It comes with the Defi-Link Advance System that’s linked up to a boost, Oil Temp, and Oil Pressure gauge. The A/C runs great and isn’t needing to be recharged. I just had the clutch and charge piping changed out recently due to it being old. The oil changes have been done one the regular.

Publish Date: 23 MAY 2019

Expired Date: 23 JUNE 2019