[V351] 2001 TOYOTA WILL VS / $1,100 OBO


Model: WILL VS

Year: 2001

Price: $1,100


Engine Size: 1.8L

Transmission: AUTO

Mileage: 84,800km

JCI Expiration: 20 SE 2020

Contact to at: Richard Greco

Cell Phone: US 813-507-1553 (iPhone)

Work Phone: 225-9882

E-mail: richard.greco041@gmail.com

Seller Comments:

2001 WiLL VS 4 door hatch. Made by Toyota. Very good condition. I have had it for 3 years and no issues. PCS sale. One year left on JCI. I put 2 new front tires on last year. A/C blows cold. Cheap and reliable car.

Don’t buy a Cube like everyone else! Buy this cool purple car instead. Check it out on Wikipedia.

$1300 OBO
Need it until week of July 16th but flexible if needed

Publish Date: 17 JUNE 2019

Expired Date: 17 JUNE 2020