[V371] 2001 HONDA ACCORD / $1,950



Year: 2001

Price: $1,950

Color: GOLD

Engine Size: 2.0L

Transmission:  AUTO

Mileage:  *****km

JCI Expiration: 11 JULY 2021

Contact to at: JOHN WAGNER

Cell Phone: 090-6492-4559

Work Phone: 225-9470

E-mail: john.wags.2@gmail.com

Seller Comments: Mechanically perfect! Zero items noted during JCI, which was just accomplished, so you have two full years before the JCI is due again. Very cold a/c, tinted windows, perfect interior, huge trunk, upgraded Pioneer stereo system, custom wheels. This car is awesome!

Publish Date: 2 AUG 2019

Expired Date: 2 SEP 2019