[V424] 2007 TOYOTA Vitz / $2,000


Model: Vitz

Year: 2007

Price: $2000

Color: BLUE

Engine Size: 1.5L

Transmission: AUTO

Mileage: 35,000km

JCI Expiration: 6 APR 2020

Contact to at: DIEGO DE PAOLO

Phone: +1-425-951-0533

Work Phone: 225-6583

E-mail: deigondepaolo@gmail.com

Seller Comments:

This peppy little four-banger has been my daily driver for the last 2 years and in that time it has never once failed me in any capacity. The RS trim comes with sports tuned steering and suspension, disc breaks on all four wheels, and 4WD making it a joy to drive in any road conditions. While the engine lacks outright power the car is light and responsive and turning on the CVT doubles down on that sporty feel. Mechanically the car is in tip top shape. JCI was completed June of 2020 along with all other inspections and taxes. The interior is in good shape despite some minor wear and tear from the car’s age. The outside has some minor cosmetic damage on the left side with the worst of it being on the passenger side rear wheel well. 

All in all this is a great car for a single person or small family that is looking for something reasonable and dependable while still being fun and fulfilling to drive.

Call or email to check it out in person. 


+1 425-931-0533

Publish Date: 22 JULY 2020

Expired Date: 22 AUG 2020