[V684] 2004 Nissan March / $1,650.00

Year: 2004

Make: Nissan

Model: March

Price: $1,650.00

Color: Silver

Mileage: 45,660 Km

Engine Size: 1.38 L

Transmission: Auto

JCI Expiration:  27 Sep 22

Seller Comments: Passed per-inspection in August 2022

Oil changed, very clean.

Five passenger seats

Japanese GPS included.

Easy to drive on narrow Japanese Roads and fit perfectly in small parking spots.

No problem with the car at all. Everything works !

Contact Name: Andy Lee

Cell Phone: 090-6009-0625, 090-4224-1343

E-mail: dakduck@hotmail.com

Publish Date: 27 Aug 22

Post Expiration: 27 Sep 22