[V038] 2010 TOYOTA PASSO / $1,500 OBO

Year: 2010 Make: Toyota Model: Passo Price: $1,500 OBO Color: Black Mileage: Engine Size: 1,000cc Transmission: Automatic JCI Expiration: 30 Jun 2024 Seller Comments: Contact Name: Emily Hogan Cell Phone: 4436435076 E-mail: nhouz1@gmail.com Publish Date: 31 Jan 2023 Post Expiration: 2 Mar 2023

[V037] 2005 SUBARU R2 / $1,000

Year: 2005 Make: SUBARU Model: R2 Price: $1,000 Color: BLUE Mileage: 51,060km Engine Size: 660cc Transmission: AUTO JCI Expiration:  14 SEP 2023 Seller Comments: Contact Name: Simon LeJeune Cell Phone: 337-281-2979 E-mail: lejeune123@juno.com Publish Date: 31 Jan 2023 Post Expiration: 02 Mar 2023

[V036] 2004 Nissan Murano/ $3,000

Year: 2004 Make: Nissan Model: Murano Price: $3,000 Color: Orange Mileage: 139,800 Km Engine Size: 2.48 L Transmission: Auto JCI Expiration:  22 Jul 23 Seller Comments: This vehicle gets great fuel economy and all regular maintenance performed at correct intervals. The vehicle included two sets of wheels and tires. One set (currently mounted) is typically […]

[V035] 2004 NISSAN SKYLINE / $2,000 OBO

Year: 2004 Make: Nissan Model: Skyline Price: $2,000 Color: White Mileage: Comments and Photos are posted soon! Engine Size: 2,500 cc Transmission: Automatic JCI Expiration: 24 Nov 2024 Seller Comments: Comments and Photos are posted soon! Contact Name: VOLTAIRE LOPEZ Cell Phone: 516-520-8698 E-mail: VEE10128@GMAIL.COM Publish Date: 27 Jan 2023 Post Expiration: 27 Apr 2023

[V034] 2005 HONDA STEPWGN / $2,500

Year: 2005 Make: Honda Model: Stepwgn Price: $2,500 Color: Purple Mileage: 136,193km Engine Size: 2,000cc Transmission: Automatic JCI Expiration: 22 Jan 25 Seller Comments: Contact Name: DAVID A. BUTLER Cell Phone: +81 070 7489 2128 E-mail: d.a.butlr@gmail.com Publish Date: 25 Jan 2023 Post Expiration: 25 Feb 2023

[V033] 2003 NISSAN CUBE / $1,300

Year: 2003 Make: NISSAN Model: CUBE Price: $1,300 Color: BLACK Mileage: 114,300km Engine Size: 1,400cc Transmission: AUTO JCI Expiration: 6 NOV 2024 Seller Comments: Black Cube, full of oxygen and spirit. New shoes(tires with only 1 km on them), New Battery, very furious and not so fast. Needs a loving home. Fly-out Date is FEB […]

[V032] 2016 MAZDA DEMIO / $5,700 OBO

Year: 2016 Make: Mazda Model: Demio Price: $5,700 OBO Color: Red Mileage: 74,400km Engine Size: 2,500cc Transmission: Automatic JCI Expiration: 15 Apr 2023  Seller Comments: Hatchback, It is in very good condition. Fun to drive.Back-up camera, DVD Player, Terrestrial TV.Car to be sold with new JCI. Contact Name: Tara Kelley Cell Phone: 080-6483-1656 E-mail: tarakelley@gmail.com […]

[V030] 2002 NISSAN X-TRAIL /$2,200

Year: 2002 NISSAN X-TRAIL Make: NISSAN Price: $2,200 Model: X-TRAIL Color: BLUE Mileage:114,000km Engine Size: 2000cc Transmission: AUTO JCI Expiration: 27 Jun 2023 Seller Comments: Selling Due to PCSJCI is good until Jun 27 2023All service records maintained and availableAC & Heater works greatNon-Smoking/No Pet Hair4-wheel drive and locking differentialsWinter tires installed Contact Name: Kyle Green […]

[V023] 2010 TOYOTA SAI / $3,800

Year: 2010 Make: Toyota Model: SAI Price: $3,800 Color: Light Blue Mileage: 126,000km Engine Size: 2400cc Transmission: Automatic JCI Expiration: 21 Jun 2024 Seller Comments: hybrid, runs perfectly, AC, nav system Contact Name: Scott Baker Cell Phone: 080-9177-0321 E-mail: bakersusaf@hotmail.com Publish Date: 1 Dec 2022 Post Expiration: 1 Feb 2023

[V705] 2008 BMW 120i /$3,800

Year: 2008 Make: BMW Model: 120i Price: $3,800 Color: Silver Mileage:  46 K Km/ 23 K Miles Engine Size: 1.99 L Transmission: Auto JCI Expiration:  6 May 23 Seller Comments: 2008 BMW 120i, Very low miles, cold A/C, runs great. No smoker vehicle, no pets. Back up camera, GPS, Replaced Windshield wipers. Very clean vehicle. […]