[V087]2006 MATSUDA PREMACY/ $2,500 OBO

Year: 2006 Make: MATSUDA Model: PREMACY Price: $2,500OBO Color: Black Mileage: 185,135km Engine Size: 1.99L Transmission: Automatic JCI Expiration:  17 Mar 2025 Seller Comments: A/C and heat work great.Rear shocks replaced April 2023.Swaybar bushings replaced Mar 2023.Tires replaced Dec 2022.Side doors open and close automatically with the key fob or internal buttonSide doors can be […]

[V086] 2005 HONDA STEPWAGON /$1,800

Year: 2005 Make:HONDA Model:STEPWAGON Price:$1,800 Color: Purple Brown Mileage:113,600km Engine Size:2.35 litter Transmission:Automatic JCI Expiration: 10 Sep 24 Seller Comments: Contact Name:Jeffrey Robinson Cell Phone:070-7476-9769 E-mail:c-j-robinson@hotmail.com Publish Date: 31 May 23 Post Expiration: 01 JUL 23

[V085] 2008 MAZDA DEMIO / $1850 OBO

Year: 2008 Make: MAZDA Model: DEMIO Price: $1,850 OBO Color: SILVER Mileage: 60,993km Engine Size: 1300cc Transmission: AUTO JCI Expiration: 17 OCT 2023 Seller Comments: Adequate size for small roads, highways, parking Hatchback/fold down backseats Excellent Interior/Exterior with few minor scratches Includes backup camera and Bluetooth Road Tax covered Oil Changed/Fluids Completed 26 May 2023 […]

[V083] 2005 MAZDA PREMACY / $2,300

Year: 2005 Make: Mazda Model: Premacy Price: $2,300 Color: White Mileage: 118,000 km Engine Size: 2,300 cc Transmission: Automatic JCI Expiration: 17 Jan 25 Seller Comments: Contact Name: Lencys Esteban Nunez Cell Phone: 080-3524-4905 E-mail: lencys@yahoo.com Publish Date: 23 May 23 Post Expiration: 23 Jun 23

[V082] 1996 SUZUKI JIMNY/ $3,500

Year: 1996 Make: Suzuki Model: Jimny Price: $3,500 Color: Green Mileage: 105,280km Engine Size: 0.65L Transmission: Automatic JCI Expiration: 18 MAR 25 Seller Comments: Vehicle is well maintained and in excellent shape.Does have a dent on the hood.No aftermarket mods, all stock. Contact Name: Miller, Daniel Cell Phone: +1 239-595-9233 E-mail: danmiller09@gmail.com Publish Date: 22 May […]

[V076] 2007 NISSAN SKYLINE / $1,500 OBO

Year: 2007 Make: NISSAN Model: SKYLINE Price: $1,500 Color: Black Mileage: 114,446km Engine Size: 2.49L Transmission: Automatic JCI Expiration: 25 Aug 2024 Seller Comments: For Sale 2007 Nissan Skyline Contact Name: Michael Vazquez Cell Phone: 070-2491-1125 E-mail: mvazquez1125@gmail.com Publish Date: 16 MAY 23 Post Expiration: 16 JUN 23

[V075] 2008 HONDA FREED / $2,800

Year: 2008 Make: Honda Model: Freed Price: $2,800 Color: Maroon Mileage: ~94,000 km Engine Size: 1,300 cc Transmission: Automatic JCI Expiration: 18 Aug 23 Seller Comments: -Family friendly car or great transporter for friends or furniture ! Seats 6 or plenty of trunk space ! -Reliable van that supports road trips with an ETC card reader […]

[V074] 2008 MITSUBISHI GALANT / $3,200

Year: 2008 Make: MITSUBISHI Model: GALANT Price: $3,200 Color: Black Mileage: 78,000km Engine Size: 1.99L Transmission: Automatic JCI Expiration: 20 July 2023 Seller Comments: Black Mitsubishi Galant Fortis Sport, with sport wheels/tires and spoiler. Bought from Real Speed and well taken care of since. Road Tax completed. Pre-JCI qualified.Specs:– Rear-view camera– No smoking/No pets– Great on […]

[V073] 2009 TOYOTA IQ / $3,800

Year: 2009 Make: TOYOTA Model: IQ Price: $3,800 Color: SILVER Mileage: Engine Size: 1000cc Transmission: AUTO JCI Expiration: 24 MAY 2025 Seller Comments: Contact Name: PAUL HOWELL Cell Phone: 080-7292-2891 / 435-496-0110 E-mail: hijiij@aol.com Publish Date: 13 MAY 2023 Post Expiration:13 JUNE 2023

[V071] 2000 TOYOTA FUN CARGO / $750

Year: 2000 Make: TOYOTA Model: FUN CARGO Price: $750 Color: White Mileage: 161,498km Engine Size: 1.29L Transmission: Automatic JCI Expiration: 10 Oct 23 Seller Comments: Get ready for endless adventures with the 2000 Toyota Fun Cargo! (CD, A/C, Power Windows) Contact Name: Chance Smith Cell Phone: 080 4689 0641 E-mail: smith.chance@protonmail.com Publish Date: 12 May 23 […]

[V070] 2006 BMW 116i / $3,500

Year: 2006 Make: BMW Model:116i Price: $3,500 Color: Black Mileage: 46,171km Engine Size: 1.6L Transmission: Automatic JCI Expiration: 10 MAY 24 Seller Comments: Contact Name: MARCUS R. SNODDY Cell Phone: 070-4382-9050 E-mail: SHIZENICHI@ICLOUD.COM Publish Date: 03 May 23 Post Expiration: 03 Jul 23