[V380] 2007 MAZDA DEMIO / $1,700

Make: MAZDA Model: DEMIIO Year: 2007 Price: $1,700 Color: GREEN Engine Size: 1.3L Transmission: AUTO Mileage: 87,000km JCI Expiration: 16 NOV 2019 Contact to at: JAVON BEMBRY Phone: 1-316-990-1821 Work Phone: 225-7740 E-mail: javon.b.bembry.mil@mail.*** Seller Comments:   Publish Date: 22 AUG 2019 Expired Date: 22 SEP 2019

[V379] 2008 Nissan Note $2,300

Make: Nissan Model: Note Year: 2008 Price: $2,300 Color: Engine Size: 1.5L Transmission: AT Mileage: 124,000Km JCI Expiration: 3rd Feb 2020 Contact to at: Paul Heino Cell Phone: 080-8051-9212 Work Phone: 225-3940 E-mail: steadyrr@gmail.com Seller Comments: 2008 Nissan Note, Sport edition, 124,000 KM, JCI until FEB 2020, Keyless Ignition and Entry, Runs like new, Stereo […]

[V378] 2001 Subaru Legacy $1,500

Make: Subaru Model: Legacy Year: 2001 Price: $1,500 Color: White Engine Size: 2.0L Transmission: AT Mileage: – JCI Expiration: 29th Jul 2020 Contact to at: Hensley Zachary C Cell Phone: 080-9192-1887 Work Phone: 225-9187 E-mail: eco0924@gmail.com Seller Comments: – Publish Date: 16th Aug 2019 Expired Date: 16th Sep 2019

[V377] 2003 MAZDA AXELA / $2,500

Make: MAZDA Model: AXELA Year: 2003 Price: $2,500 Color: SILVER Engine Size: 3.0L Transmission:  AUTO Mileage:  82,521km JCI Expiration: 21 AUG 2021 Contact to at: MATTHEW HEMENWAY Cell Phone: 090-3317-0406 Work Phone: 225-4041 E-mail: matthew.hemenway.4@us.af.mil Seller Comments: 2003 MAZDA AXELA WITH A NEW JCI GOOD FOR TWO YEARS. THE CAR IS EQUIPPED IN JAPANESE IN […]

[V375] 2001 Toyota Ipsum $2,100

Make: Toyota Model: Ipsum Year: 2001 Price: $2,100 Color: Silver Engine Size: 2.4 L Transmission: AT Mileage: 83,000 km JCI Expiration: 1st Sep 2020 Contact to at: Chineta Harris Cell Phone: 080-4949-1989 Work Phone: 225-7624 E-mail: chineta.harris@us.af.mil Seller Comments: Publish Date: 9th Aug 2019 Expired Date: 29th Aug 2019

[V374] 2005 Nissan Lafesta $2,200

Make: Nissan Model: Lafesta Year: 2005 Price: $2,200 Color: White Engine Size: 2.0L Transmission:  Auto Mileage:  54,550 KM JCI Expiration: 17 July 2021 Contact to: Jat Medina Cell Phone: 080-6850-5737 Work Phone: 225-8870 E-mail: kiam802@yahoo.com Seller Comments: MUST SELL!! $2,200 OBO. 54,500 Mileage, JCI expires July 2021. 7 seater/500 plate (Cheap road tax/insurance/JCI). Equipped with: […]

[V373] 2003 Nissan Cube $3,000 OBO

Make: Nissan Model: Cube Year: 2003 Price: $3,000 OBO Color: Black Engine Size: 1.4L Transmission: AT Mileage: 54,574km JCI Expiration: 6th Nov 2019 Contact to at: Michael Prescott Cell Phone: 080-3258-0606 Work Phone: E-mail: prescottm_1999@yahoo.com Seller Comments: Very reliable: Good Air Condition; Good on gas; ETC card ready. Price negotiable. Publish Date: 6th Aug 2019 […]

[V362] 2000 HONDA AVANCIER / $2,000 OBO

Make: HONDA Model: AVANCIER Year: 2000 Price: $2,000 OBO Color: BLUE Engine Size: 2.3L Transmission: AUTO Mileage: JCI Expiration: 9 MAY 2020 Contact to at: CANDICE KEENE Cell Phone: 080-3253-6886 Work Phone: 225-4384 E-mail: cchapin007@gmail.com Seller Comments: features Japanese navigation sys, CD disk changer, power windows, key fob. runs great this is a spacious car […]

[V371] 2001 HONDA ACCORD / $1,950

Make: HONDA Model: ACCORD Year: 2001 Price: $1,950 Color: GOLD Engine Size: 2.0L Transmission:  AUTO Mileage:  *****km JCI Expiration: 11 JULY 2021 Contact to at: JOHN WAGNER Cell Phone: 090-6492-4559 Work Phone: 225-9470 E-mail: john.wags.2@gmail.com Seller Comments: Mechanically perfect! Zero items noted during JCI, which was just accomplished, so you have two full years before […]

[V370] 2005 BMW Z4 / $4,300

Make: BMW Model: Z4 Year: 2005 Price: $4,500 Color: Gray Engine Size: 2.2L Transmission: AUTO Mileage: ****** JCI Expiration: 28 NOV 2020 Contact to at: CARLOS VALDIVIA Cell Phone: 070-3513-6669 Work Phone: 225-4126 E-mail: carlosvaldivia@gmail.com Seller Comments: Publish Date: 01 AUG 2019 Expired Date: 31 AUG 2019

[V368] 2006 Toyota Porte/$1,900

Make: Toyota Model: Porte Year: 2006 Price: $1,900 Color: White Engine Size: 1.5L Transmission: AT Mileage: 126,000Km JCI Expiration: 28 Nov ‘20 Contact to at: Nathan Evans Cell Phone: 080-3344-7879 Work Phone: 225-1432 E-mail: nathanevans689@gmail.com Seller Comments: Publish Date: 26 Jul ‘19 Expired Date: 26 Aug ‘19

[V366] 2007 Mazda Premacy / $2,900 OBO

Make: Mazda Model: Premacy Year: 2007 Price: $2,900 OBO Color: Blue Engine Size: 2.0 Transmission: AT Mileage: 59,925 Km JCI Expiration: 24 Oct ‘19 Contact to at: Christins Reilly Cell Phone: 206-261-5032 Work Phone: E-mail: christine.a.reilly@gmail.com Seller Comments: 2007 Mazda Premacy 7 Passenger W/Sliding Doors Color: Dark Blue/Grey Cream Interior (Spotless, Like new) CD/DVD/TV, GPS […]

[V330] 2001 TOYOTA CELSIOR $2,000 O.B.O

Make: TOYOTA Model: CELSIOR Year: 2001 Price: $2,000 OBO Color: White Engine Size: 4.5L Transmission: AUTO Mileage: Km JCI Expiration: 3rd March 2020 Contact to at: Chris Hampton Cell Phone: 070-1401-0624 Work Phone: E-mail: chrishampton88@hotmail.com Seller Comments: *New Battery Installed *5 Disk CD player *hydraulic suspension *Automatic windows *Heated seats *Rear massager *Cooler *custom body […]