[V023] 2010 TOYOTA SAI / $5,000

Year: 2010 Make: Toyota Model: SAI Price: $5,000 Color: Light Blue Mileage: 126,000km Engine Size: 2400cc Transmission: Automatic JCI Expiration: 21 Jun 2024 Seller Comments: hybrid, runs perfectly, AC, nav system Contact Name: Scott Baker Cell Phone: 080-9177-0321 E-mail: bakersusaf@hotmail.com Publish Date: 1 Dec 2022 Post Expiration: 1 Jan 2023

[V022] SUBARU B4 LEGACY / $3,000

Year: 2001 Make: Subaru Model: B4 Legacy Price: $3,000 Color: White Mileage: 148,762 KM Engine Size: 2,000CC Transmission: Automatic JCI Expiration: 20 Jul 2024 Seller Comments: Automatic transmission Twin Turbo, JCI is good until 2024 and Oil change was last done in July with Pre-JCI inspection. Paid road tax Apr 2022. Working A/C & Heat. Includes […]

[V021] 2007 SUZUKI LAPIN / $2,000

Year: 2007 Make: SUZUKI Model: LAPIN Price: $2,000 Color: BROWN Mileage: 85,800KM Engine Size: 660CC Transmission: AUTO JCI Expiration: 30 JUL 2022 Seller Comments: 2007 Suzuki Lapin, cold A/C, runs great. No smoker vehicle, no pets. Very clean vehicle. Contact Name: Jason Gnann Phone: 224-225-5166 E-mail:Jgnann01@gmail.com Publish Date:29 NOV 2022 Post Expiration:31 DEC 2022

[V020] 2008 HONDA STREAM / $3,000 OBO

Year: 2008 Make: Honda Model: Stream Price: $3,000 Color: Black Mileage: 85,519km Engine Size: 1,800cc Transmission: Automatic JCI Expiration: 11 Sep 2023 Seller Comments: Great vehicle for families, road trips, and moving large objects. JCI good till Sep2023. Road tax paid. Detailing and Oil Change completed Nov 2022. New tires Sep 2021. A/C and heating work […]

[V019] 2005 MAZDA DEMIO / $1,800

Year: 2005 Make: Mazda Model: Demio Price: $1,800 Color: Gray Mileage: 85,500km Engine Size: 1500cc Transmission: Automatic JCI Expiration: 08 Dec 2023 Seller Comments: Contact Name: Alora Danah Ungson Cell Phone: 080-5938-9618 E-mail: aloradanah@yahoo.com Publish Date: 21 Nov 2022 Post Expiration: 09 Dec 2022

[V 018] 2006 DAIHATSU MIRA GINO / $1,800 OBO

Year: 2006 Make: DAIHATSU Model: MIRA GINO Price: $1,800 OBO Color: GREEN Mileage: 147,800km Engine Size: 660 cc Transmission: AUTO JCI Expiration:  21 MAR 2023 Seller Comments: Selling our daughters high school base car since graduation and off to Univ. Well Maintained for her by dad and long standing base vehicle here at Yokota. Brand […]

[V016] 2009 HONDA FIT / $2,500

Year: 2009 Make: HONDA Model: FIT Price: $2,500 Color: LIGHT BLUE Mileage: 36,900KM Engine Size: 1,300CC Transmission: AUTO JCI Expiration: 17 APR 2024 Seller Comments: Contact Name: GUNNER DURHAM Cell Phone: 1-918-384-8881 E-mail: durham.gunner@gmail.com Publish Date:17 NOV 2022 Post Expiration:17 DEC 2022

[V015] 2000 TOYOTA FUN CARGO / $1,000 OBO

Year: 2000 Make: Toyota Model: Fun Cargo Price: $1,000 or BO Color: Gray Mileage: Engine Size: 1300cc Transmission: Automatic JCI Expiration: 19 Jan 2023 Seller Comments: Contact Name: Argie Phine-Martin Cell Phone: 090-9833-3789 E-mail: argiemartin@hotmail.com Publish Date: 15 Nov 2022 Post Expiration: 15 Dec 2022

[V701] 2003 NISSAN CUBE / $1,000

Year: 2003 Make: Nissan Model: Cube Price: $1,000 Color: Blue Mileage: 146987 Engine Size: 1400cc Transmission: Automatic JCI Expiration:  Seller Comments: Contact Name: Naniah Jones Cell Phone: 09029503081 E-mail: naniah.jones@gmail.com Publish Date: 14 Nov 2022 Post Expiration: 14 Dec 2022

[V013] 2012 NISSAN DUALIS / $7,000 OBO

Year: 2012 Make: NISSAN Model: DUALIS Price: $7,000 OBO Color: WHITE Mileage: 71,000km Engine Size: 2,000CC Transmission: AUTO JCI Expiration: 9 FEB 2023 Seller Comments: I am willing to negotiate the price. Please call, email, or text if you would like to negotiate Contact Name: MICHAEL HARRISON Cell Phone: 080-4877-9887 E-mail: michaeltharrisonjr@gmail.com Publish Date: 4 […]

[V012] 2002 DAIHATSU TERIOS KID / $1,495 OBO

Year: 2002 Make: DAIHATSU Model: TERIOS KID Price: $1,495 OBO Color: SILVER Mileage: 114,300km Engine Size: 660cc Transmission: AUTO JCI Expiration: 08 JAN 2024 Seller Comments: Damaged front right bumper. Miss aligned steering wheel. New tires. New spare tire. New Alternator + battery. – 26 October 2022. Asking price $1495 or best offer.    Contact […]

[V010] 2004 MAZDA DEMIO / $2,000

Year: 2004 Make: Mazda Model: Demio Price: $2,000 Color: White Mileage: Engine Size: 1350cc Transmission: Automatic JCI Expiration: 12 May 2024 Seller Comments: Contact Name: Samuel Burns Cell Phone: 090-6481-7746 E-mail: saburns1031@yahoo.com Publish Date: 27 Oct 2022 Post Expiration: 27 Nov 2022

[V009] 2009 TOYOTA RACTIS / $1,500

Year: 2009 Make: TOYOTA Model: RACTIS Price: $1,500 Color: RED Mileage: 101,700km Engine Size: 1,500cc Transmission: AUTO JCI Expiration: 31 AUG2024 Seller Comments: Contact Name: BRANDON GREENAWALT Cell Phone: 070-2193-7804 E-mail: gnodnarb@gmail.com Publish Date: 25 OCT 2022 Post Expiration:25 NOV 2022

[V008] 2005 NISSAN SKYLINE / $3,600

Year: 2005 Make: Nissan Model: Skyline Price: $3,600 Color: Silver Mileage: 101,719km Engine Size: 3.5 V6 Transmission: Automatic JCI Expiration: 20 Jun 2023 Seller Comments: New tires put on in June, AC/Heat works. New belts. Good sporty daily driver. VIN# CPV35-509196 Contact Name: Dustin Trahan Cell Phone: +13372121463 E-mail: dustin_trahan89@yahoo.com Publish Date: 25 Oct 2022 Post […]

[V007] 1994 SUBARU VIVIO BISTRO / $6,000 OBO

Year: 1994 Make: Subaru Model: Vivio Bistro Price: $6,000 OBO Color: Black Mileage: 72462 Engine Size: 650cc Transmission: Automatic JCI Expiration: 21 Oct 2023 Seller Comments: 1994 Subaru Vivio Bistro, Rare Collector vehicleConvertible, automatic turbo, four seater$6000 OBO Contact Name: Owen Isaac Cell Phone: 080-3242-0633 E-mail: owen.isaac@outlook.com Publish Date: 25 Oct 2022 Post Expiration: 25 Dec […]

[V006] 2012 TOYOTA AQUA / $3,500

Year: 2012 Make: TOYOTA Model: AQUA Price: $3,500 Color: GRAY Mileage: 130,125KM Engine Size: 1500CC Transmission: AUTO JCI Expiration: 10 SEP 2023 Seller Comments: Contact Name: VIPADA THOMPSON Cell Phone: 080-9009-8033 E-mail: BABYBIRD2000@HOTMAIL.COM Publish Date: 24 OCT 2022 Post Expiration:24 NOV 2022

[V709] 2008 TOYOTA BB / $3,500

Year: 2008 Make: Toyota Model: BB Price: $3,500 Color: Black Mileage: 81959 Engine Size: 1500cc Transmission: Automatic JCI Expiration: 03 Oct 2024 Seller Comments: 2 years JCI included !Road tax paid !A/C + Heat work ! 日本語ok! Contact Name: Ricky Cabral Cell Phone: 090-4002-2124 E-mail: pretty_ricky23@hotmail.com, cabralr@aafes.com, emipu@hotmail.co.jp Publish Date: 03 Oct 2022 Post Expiration: 03 […]

[V704] 1998 Mitsubishi Pajero Mini /$1,400

Year: 1998 Make: Mitsubishi Model: Pajero Mini Price: $1,400 Color: White Mileage: 124,800 Km Engine Size: 660 CC Transmission: Auto JCI Expiration:  23 Feb 23 Seller Comments: JCI is good until October 2024. A/C is working. Oil change done 8 months ago and new battery put in last year. Has full size spare plus an […]

[V705] 2008 BMW 120i /$4,200

Year: 2008 Make: BMW Model: 120i Price: $4,200 Color: Silver Mileage:  46 K Km/ 23 K Miles Engine Size: 1.99 L Transmission: Auto JCI Expiration:  6 May 23 Seller Comments: 2008 BMW 120i, Very low miles, cold A/C, runs great. No smoker vehicle, no pets. Back up camera, GPS, Replaced Windshield wipers. Very clean vehicle. […]

[V685] 1991 Subaru Sambar Pick up/ $3,000

Year: 1991 Make: Subaru Model: Sambar Pick up Price: $3,000 Color: White Mileage:              Km Engine Size: 660CC Transmission: Manual JCI Expiration:  1 Feb 24 Seller Comments: 4 CYLINDER ENGINE. MANUAL TRANSMISSION (FUN TO DRIVE !) AIR CONDITIONER WORKS, INCLUDES TARP. GREAT VEHICLE FOR WORKING AND MOVING LARGE OBJECTS AROUND. Contact Name: Freddy Velez Cell Phone: […]