[V387] 2001 Honda Accord 4d wagon $1,200

Make: Honda Model: Accord 4d wagon Year: 2001 Price: $1,200 Color: White Engine Size: 2.3L Transmission: AT Mileage: 88,581km JCI Expiration: 29 Aug 2020 Contact to at: Edward D. Browne Cell Phone: 070-4474-8585 (SMS only) Work Phone: 225-0607 E-mail: browne@ieee.org Seller Comments: White, very good condition, never a problem in 3 years, roomy, priced to […]

[V382] 2004 NISSAN SKYLINE / $3,000 OBO

Make: NISSAN Model: SKYLINE Year: 2004 Price: $3,000 Color: RED Engine Size: 3.5L Transmission: AUTO Mileage: 140,000km JCI Expiration: 30 JULY 2021 Contact to at: SHELDON Cell Phone: 070-3183-1121 Work Phone: 225-2250 E-mail: bobbyked@gmail.com Seller Comments: Publish Date: 03 SEP 2019 Expired Date: 03 NOV 2019

[V386] 2004 Nissan Cube Cubic $2,000

Make: Nissan Model: Cube Cubic Year: 2004 Price: $2,000 Color: White Engine Size: 1.4L Transmission: AT Mileage: — JCI Expiration: 11 Feb 2021 Contact to at: — Cell Phone: 080-7126-5682 Work Phone: E-mail: Seller Comments: Runs very good no problem Publish Date: 1st Oct 2019 Expired Date: 1st Nov 2019

[V385] 2004 Honda Edix $2,000

Make: Honda Model: Edix Year: 2007 Price: $2,000 Color: Dark Gray Engine Size: 1.7L Transmission: AT Mileage: JCI Expiration: 26 Dec 2019 Contact to at: Suzanne Stammler Cell Phone: 080-4897-3286 Work Phone: 225-9627 E-mail: snstammler@gmail.com Seller Comments: 5 door hatch back with Six seats. Perfect for family trips. Easy to drive. Very spacious but compact […]

[V384] 2001 HONDA CIVIC / $1,600

Make: HONDA Model: CIVIC Year: 2001 Price: $1,600 Color: WHITE Engine Size: 1.5L Transmission:  AUTO Mileage:  69,952km JCI Expiration: June 2020 Contact to at: Cassandra Lagasca Cell Phone: 080-9406-4016 Work Phone: 225-1776 E-mail: cjlagasca19@gmail.com Seller Comments: – 4 doors – AC – bluetooth – good on gas – Japanese navigation system (I never use it […]