[V674] 1997 Toyota Chaser Avante / $4,500

Year: 1997 Make: Toyota Model: Chaser Avante Price: $4,500 Color: White Mileage: 84,764 Km Engine Size: 1.98 L Transmission: Auto JCI Expiration:  30 Sep 22 Seller Comments: 1997 Toyota Chaser Avante: Runs smoothly, Very good wheels, no engine or battery issues at all, AC works perfectly (cools/heats quickly), Comes with bluetooth adapter, GPS, ETC reader, […]

[V672] 2007 Nissan Note/ $1,400 OBO

Year: 2007 Make: Nissan Model: Note Price: $1,400 OBO Color: Gray Mileage: Engine Size: 1,500 CC Transmission: Auto JCI Expiration:  14 Oct 22 Seller Comments: No smoking, Runs great. $1,400 OBO Contact Name: Bryan Willhide Cell Phone: +1-916-626-9050 E-mail: bmw8991@gmail.com Publish Date: 2 Aug 22 Post Expiration: 2 Sep 22

[V671] 2004 Nissan Elgrand / $3,000 OBO

Year: 2004 Make: Nissan Model: Elgrand Price: $3,000 Color: Brown Mileage: 99,000 Km Engine Size: 3.49L Transmission: Auto JCI Expiration:  24 Mar 23 Seller Comments: No pets/ no smoking New tires and radiator DVD Player ETC card reader Back up camera Sunroof Comfortably seats 8 people Road tax paid for 2022 JCI due Mar 2023 […]

[V670] 2005 Toyota Wish/ $2,000

Year: 2005 Make: Toyota Model: Wish Price: $2,000 Color: Black Mileage: 117,878 Km Engine Size: 1.79 L Transmission: Auto JCI Expiration:  19 May 23 Seller Comments: JCI good until May 2023, pre-inspected this July passed with no issues.   A solid family vehicle with better mileage per gallon than a van.   Roof rack mounts […]

[V668] 2004 Toyota Sienta /$1,200 OBO

Year: 2004 Make: Toyota Model: Sienta Price: $1,200 OBO Color: Red Mileage: 52,640 Km Engine Size: 1.49L Transmission: Auto JCI Expiration:  4 Feb 23 Seller Comments: Great car around town, never smoked in the car, 2 rows, seats up to 6 people, Low mileage  52,640Km. Back up camera and A/C work great. Contact Name: Robert […]

[V623] 2009 Nissan Teana / $2,980

Make: Nissan Model: Teana Year: 2009 Price: $2,980 Color: Dark Gray Engine Size: 2.5L Transmission: Auto Mileage: 68,000 km JCI Expiration: 17 May 2024 Liability Insurance: 1 Aug 2022 Contact: Serge Cell Phone: 090-8479-6699 Work Phone: +1-339-707-0228 E-mail: serge.jakubovski@gmail.com Seller Comments: Bought at NISSAN dealership, very clean both inside and outside. Non smoking and no […]

[V667] 2005 Honda Edix/ $1,900 OBO

Year: 2005 Make: Honda Model: Edix Price: $1,900 OBO Color: Silver Mileage: 97,326Km Engine Size: 1.99L Transmission: Auto JCI Expiration:  24 Mar 24 Seller Comments: POA info: Mike Weist mjweist@gmail.com after 2200 only. Cellphone 0800-2200: 090-6020-0034. Great air conditioning during the warm months, recently serviced and replaced brake pads and oil. Car has new tires […]

[V666] 2010 Honda Freed / $3,300

Year: 2010 Make: Honda Model: Freed Price: $3,300 Color: Blue Engine Size: 1.49L Transmission: Auto Mileage: JCI Expiration:  23 Jun 23 Contact: Robert Tatum Cell Phone: 080-7607-4154 Work Phone: 224-0410 E-mail: Bobbytat04@gmail.com Publish Date: 24 Jun 22 Post Expiration: 24 Aug 22

[V665] 2006 HONDA ODYSSEY / $2,000

Year: 2006 Make: HONDA Model: ODYSSEY Price: $2,000 Color: black Mileage: 100,400km Engine Size: 2400cc Transmission: Automatic JCI Expiration: 04 Nov 23 Seller Comments: Contact Name: Daniel Carr Cell Phone: 08048778788 E-mail: carrdaniel114@gmail.com Publish Date: 25 July 22 Post Expiration:25 Aug 22

[V664] 2010 HONDA FIT / $2,500

Year: 2010 Make: HONDA Model: FIT Price: $2,500 Color: PURPLE Mileage: 77,346 km / 48,060 miles Engine Size: 1300cc Transmission: AUTO JCI Expiration: 23 FEB 2023 Seller Comments: *Back-up Camera System *Honda Smart Key System *Honda InterNavigation System *TV / DVD / HDD / CD / FM / AM / Remote Control *Air Conditioning *Power […]

[V663] 2008 Nissan Cube/$1,950

Year: 2008 Make: Nissan Model: Cube Price: $1,950 Color: Gray Mileage: 92,4XXkm Engine Size: 1.46L Transmission: Auto JCI Expiration:  5 Aug 23 Seller Comments: Sport mode/keyless entry/keyless start/Japanese Navi/ 4 new-ish tires/Non smoker/No pets or kids/Oil changed/maintenance performed July 2022 Contact Name: Andrew Venegoni Cell Phone: 314-409-4587 E-mail: agvenegoni@gmail.com Publish Date: 19 Jul 22 Post […]

[V662] 2004 Toyota Porte /$1,800 OBO

Year: 2004 Make: Toyota Model: Porte Price: $1,800 OBO Color: Light Blue Mileage: 107,275Km Engine Size: 1.29L Transmission: Auto JCI Expiration:  15 Apr 24 Seller Comments: -2004 Toyota Porte / $1,800 OBO -Sliding door makes it easy to load kids in the back!! -Tons of room. -JCI good through April 2024. -Road Tax paid for […]

[V626] 2007 Nissan Tiida Latio / $1,200

Year: 2007 Make: Nissan Model: Tiida Latio Price: $1,200 Color: Gold Engine Size: 1.5L Transmission: Auto Mileage: 45,000KM JCI Expiration:  20 Aug 2022 Contact: Nate Aton Cell Phone: 080-4410-0939 Work Phone: 225-7280 E-mail: nathaniel.aton@us.af.mil Seller Comments: No mechanical issues, ETC reader installed, great for long rides! Publish Date: 10 Jun 2022 Post Expiration: 19 Aug […]

[V661] 2007 Subaru Impreza / $2500 OBO

Year: 2007 Make: Subaru Model: Impreza Price: $2500.00 Color: Blue Mileage: 100,063km Engine Size: 1,500 CC Transmission: Automatic JCI Expiration: 05 Oct 2022 Seller Comments: Hatchback in good mechanical conditions. Please call or text with questions. Also available via FB. Contact Name: Victor Sargent Cell Phone: 080-9069-9576 E-mail: oshyori@yahoo.com Publish Date: 18 July 2022 Post […]

[V660] 2010 HONDA FIT / $3,200

Year: 2010 Make: HONDA Model: FIT Price: $3,200 Color: SILVER Mileage: 19,000KM Engine Size: 1300CC Transmission: AUTO JCI Expiration: 24 FEB 2024 Seller Comments: Contact Name: TAYLOR HART Cell Phone: 080-4637-1217 E-mail: william.t.kennedy@dla.mil Publish Date:18 Jul 2022 Post Expiration:18 Aug 2022

[V659] 2005 HONDA MOBILIO/ $2,000

Year:2005 Make:HONDA Model:MOBILIO Price:$2,000 Color:GREY Mileage:81900KM Engine Size:1500CC Transmission:AUTO JCI Expiration: 11JUL2022 Seller Comments:7 seater. Front tires and battery less than 1 year old. Oil recently changed. CVT transmission with sport and manual mode. Contact Name:Williams Aker Cell Phone:979-661-1432 E-mail:william.aker@gmail.com Publish Date: Post Expiration:16-AUG-2022

[V658] 2000 TOYOTA SPACIO / $1,000

Year: 2000 Make: TOYOTA Model: SPACIO Price: $1,000 OBO Color: SILVER Mileage: 52,000miles / 83,000km Engine Size: 1600cc Transmission: AUTO JCI Expiration:  23 Apr 2023 Seller Comments: ● JCI April 2023 ●83,000km / 52,000miles ●EXTREMELY dependable ●USB / Bluetooth audio & ETC ●Must sell, or we would keep! ●1,000 / OBO pmlundy@yahoo.com ●090-6929-0040 / 301-703-2407 […]

[V657] 2004 NISSAN ELGRAND / $2,000

Year: 2004 Make: NISSAN Model: ELGRAND Price: $2,000 Color: GOLD Mileage: 98,000km JCI Expiration:  24 MAR 2023 Engine Size: 3500cc Transmission: AUTO Seller Comments: Contact Name: Mary Ann Isidro / Josiah Zachary Isidro Cell Phone: 090-9298-6100 E-mail: isidrojosiahzachary@gmail.com Publish Date: 15 Jul 2022 Post Expiration: 15 Aug 2022

[V655] 2006 Toyota Ractis/ $1,500

Year: 2006 Make: Toyota Model: Ractis Price: $1,500 Color: Light Blue Mileage: 141,358 Km JCI Expiration:  24 Apr 24 Road Tax Expiration: Mar 22 Engine Size: 1.49L Transmission: Auto Seller Comments: Oil change, New Cd Player, good family car. Contact Name: Loni Gordon Cell Phone: 080-5418-0461 E-mail: gordon_loni@yahoo.com Publish Date: 14 Jul 22 Post Expiration: […]

[V654] 2008 Toyota Rumion/$4,000

Year: 2008 Make: Toyota Model: Rumion Price: $4,000 Color: Silver Mileage: 130,737 Km JCI Expiration:  9 Aug 23 Road Tax Expiration: Mar 23 Engine Size: 1.49L Transmission: Auto Seller Comments: Good fuel efficiency, spacious interior, excellent design, and offer a comfortable ride. Car is in good condition, mechanical perfect, physical looks nice. It has backup […]