[V638] 2008 Suzuki Swift/ $2,000

Year: 2008 Make: Suzuki Model: Swift Price: $2,000 Color: Silver Engine Size: 1.24L Transmission: Auto Mileage: 110,XXXkm JCI Expiration:  30 Sep 22 Contact to at: David Kastning Cell Phone: 520-664-4523 Work Phone: 225-6388 E-mail: david.kastning@yahoo.com Seller Comments: Well maintained in good condition- has a few scrapes on it but runs great. New right front away […]

[V634] 2005 Nissan Murano/$2,700

Year: 2005 Make: Nissan Model: Murano Price: $2,700 Color: Silver Engine Size: 2,500 CC Transmission: Auto Mileage: 75,619Km JCI Expiration:  1 May 23 Contact to at: Stacy Taylor Cell Phone: 080-7397-7383 Work Phone: E-mail: mskotaylor@me.com Seller Comments: 4 Door hatch back, Sun roof, A/C, JCI good until JAN 2023 Publish Date: 22 Jun 22 Expired […]

[V635] 2005 Nissan Tida/$2,000

Year: 2005 Make: Nissan Model: Tida Price: $2,000 Color: Engine Size: 1.5L Transmission: Auto Mileage: JCI Expiration:  23 Sep 22 Contact to at: Matthew Long Cell Phone: 080-9645-0585 Work Phone: E-mail: mattlongie99@gmail.cim Seller Comments: No issues, Only 9,000 miles Publish Date: 22 Jun 22 Expired Date: 22 Jul 22

[632]2001 Mazda Tribute/$2,000

Year:2001 Make:Mazda Model:Tribute Price: $2,000 Color:red Engine Size:3000cc Transmission:auto Mileage:49,400miles JCI Expiration:  23-Jan-2023 Contact to at:Michael Taylor Cell Phone:080-7018-8893 Work Phone:090-4176-9259 E-mail:mskotaylor@me.com Seller Comments: Mazda Tribute SUV 4 Wheel Drive, All Weather Tires (new 2021) Sunroof, AC Battery new in 2022 Great for Ski Trips. No chains needed! Asking $2000 obo Publish Date:17-Jun-2022 Expired Date:17-Jul-2022

[V628] 2004 NISSAN FUGA / $2,200 OBO

Year: 2004 Make: NISSAN Model: FUGA Price: $2,200 OBO Color: GRAY Engine Size: 3500cc Transmission: AUTO Mileage: 116,544km JCI Expiration:  JULY 2023 Contact to at:  Mike Griego Cell Phone: 080-9343-6447 Work Phone: 225-8002 E-mail: mgriego66@yahoo.com Seller Comments: Vehicle looks + runs great! Willing to work with price. Publish Date: 16 JUNE 2022 Expired Date: 16 […]

[V624] 2006 Mazda MPV /$2,000 OBO

Year: 2006 Make: Mazda Model: MPV Price: $2,000 OBO Color: Maroon Engine Size: 2.26 L Transmission: Auto Mileage: 81,991Km JCI Expiration:  6 Nov 22 Contact to at: Lindsey Sargent Cell Phone: +1-972-510-8064 Work Phone: E-mail: lindsey.ray44@gmail.com Seller Comments: Great family car, new tires purchased 6 months ago (all weather tires), detail 6/4/2022, newly installed ATOTO […]

[V620] 2003 BMW MINI COOPER $2,300 OBO

Year:2003 Make:BMW Model:MINI COOPER Price: $2300 Color:GREEN Engine Size:1.59L Transmission:AUTO Mileage:62628KM JCI Expiration:  27 OCT 2023 Contact to at:RAY NALLEY Cell Phone:080-5056-3589 Work Phone: E-mail:NALLYRL@GMAIL.COM Seller Comments: Publish Date:04-JUNE-2022 Expired Date:04-JULY-2022

[V619] 2003 Toyota Celsior Lexus LS 430 / $2,700

Year:2003 Make:Toyota Model:Celsior Lexus LS 430 Price: $2,700 Color:Silver Engine Size:4,300cc Transmission:Auto Mileage:6,500Mile JCI Expiration: 29Sep 2023 Contact to at:Mathew Gann Cell Phone: 080-7537-5634 Work Phone: E-mail:tofumatt@hotmail.com Seller Comments: 2003 Toyota Celsior (Lexus LS430) – New tires, ice cold air, leather seats w/ warmers, bluetooth transmitter, CD, premium sound system. Car is in excellent mechanial […]

[V617] 2002 TOYOTA VOXY / $2,300 obo

Year: 2002 Make: TOYOTA Model: VOXY Price: $2,300 obo Color: Silver Engine Size: 2.0L Transmission: Auto Mileage: 99,400km JCI Expiration:  11 Jul 2023 Contact to at: Mike Dolby Cell Phone: 070-3525-6806 Work Phone: 225-3302/4304 E-mail: dolbym57@outlook.com; richard.bogusky@gmail.com Seller Comments: seats 8, backup camera, excellent condition, new Michelin all-season tires (snow rated) Publish Date: 25 May […]

[V607] 2005 NISSAN CUBE / $2,000

Year: 2005 Make: NISSAN Model: CUBE Price: $2,000 Color: Green Engine Size: 1.38L Transmission: Auto Mileage:41,000miles JCI Expiration:21 May 2023 Contact to at: MACKEL STAFFORD Cell Phone: 080-9012-7201 Work Phone: 225-3913 E-mail: miked2003@gmail.com Seller Comments: Road tax paid Great heat/ A/C 3 rows of seating Lots of cargo space Snow chains Bluetooth Publish Date: 5May […]

[V606] 2006 NISSAN CUBE / $2,000

Year: 2006 Make: NISSAN Model: CUBE Price: $2,000 Color: Burgundy Engine Size: 1.38L Transmission: Auto Mileage:48,696miles JCI Expiration:  7 Feb 2023 Contact to at: MACKEL STAFFORD Cell Phone: 080-9012-7201 Work Phone: 225-3913 E-mail: miked2003@gmail.com Seller Comments: Great working condition. Fairly new tires Great heating/ A/C Bluetooth Leather sets Very spacious Snow chains Gas saver Road tax […]

[V605] 2007 TOYOTA BLADE / $2,700 OBO

Year: 2007 Make: TOYOTA Model: BLADE Price: $2,700 OBO Color: SILVER Engine Size: 2400CC Transmission: AUTO Mileage: 55,***KM JCI Expiration:  18 FEB 2024 Contact to at: SANGHEE HASSIN Cell Phone: 080-7218-5833 Work Phone: E-mail: taeyang0303@naver.com Seller Comments: New tires New battery Road tax paid ETC Card Reader Bluetooth capability Push start engine Fabric seats Publish […]

[576] 2001 DAIHATSU GINO / $2,200

Make: DAIHATSU Model: GINO Year: 2001 Price: $2,200 Color: White Engine Size: 0.65 L Transmission: automatic Mileage: 101,523 km JCI Expiration: 30 September 2022 Contact to at: Joshua Melton Cell Phone: (805)717-8224 Work Phone: 315-225-9217 E-mail: josh.melton98@gmail.com Seller Comments: Publish Date: 3 Mar 2022 Expired Date: 20 Mar 2022