Sell Your Car

Looking to place your vehicle on the Yujo Virtual Lemon Lot?

Here’s what you need to do:

1. Fill out the yujo-virtual-lemon-lot-registration-and-agreement-form-25-may-16
2. Submit the form and a $10 fee to the Yujo Community Center.
3. Take a good photo of your car and send it to us at *Photo upload is only one photo per registration form.

If you want to place your car both on Virtual and actual Lemon Lot, the fee is $15 for 30 days.
Make sure you have the following information before submitting your agreement then you must bring to yujo all vehicle documents.
* JCI* Vehicle Model
* Liability Insurance
* Road Tax of the Year
* Japanese Inspection
* Date of Base Inspection

*When we get all vehicle documents and vehicle information, payment and then we will upload to virtual lemon lot website.