[V307] 2004 TOYOTA ISIS/ $1,400

Make: TOYOTA Model: ISIS Year: 2004 Price: $1400.00 Color: SILVER Engine Size: 2.0ℓ Transmission: AUTO Mileage: Km JCI Expiration: 2020/2/8 Contact to at: Dan Thomas Cell Phone: 080-3025-6507 Work Phone:  E-mail: Seller Comments: Publish Date: 2019/3/23 Expired Date: 2019/4/23

[V306] 2004 NISSAN CUBE / $900

Make: NISSAN Model: CUBE Year:2004 Price:$900 Color: RED Engine Size: 1.4L Transmission: AUTO Mileage: 79,400Km JCI Expiration:10 May 209 Contact to at: TIM OBER Cell Phone:090-4179-4180 Work Phone: 225-4261 E-mail:ober.timothy@gmail.com Seller Comments: Publish Date: 23 Mar 2019 Expired Date: 23 APR 2019

[V305] HONDA TORENO / $750

Make:HONDA Model: TORENO Year:2000 Price:$750 Color: SILVER Engine Size: 1.8L Transmission:AUTO Mileage: 89,xxxKm / 55,000miles JCI Expiration:13 MAY 2019 Contact to at:  KEVIN LORENZO Cell Phone: 050-5806-9906 Work Phone: 225-1485 E-mail: kauaiboy8@gmail.com Seller Comments: 2001 Silver Honda Torneo In good condition and clean. Would be available on March 28. Publish Date: 15 MAR 2019 Expired […]

[V304] HONDA STEP WAGON / $2,000

Make:HONDA Model:STEP WAGON Year: 2003 Price:$2,000 Color: Tan Engine Size: 2.0L Transmission:AUTO Mileage: 108,500Km JCI Expiration: 31 JULY 2019 Contact to at: NGUYEN PHAM Cell Phone: 090-6011-9796 Work Phone: 225-5881 E-mail:nhpham87@gmail.com Seller Comments: Publish Date: 13 MAR 2019 Expired Date: 13 APR 2019

[V303] 1999 DAIHATSU GINO/ $1,800

Make: DAIHATSU Model:GINO Year:1999 Price:$1,800 Color: Engine Size:0.65 Transmission:AUTO Mileage: Km JCI Expiration:16 MAR 2020 Contact to at:John Wagner Cell Phone:090-6492-4559 Work Phone:225-9470 E-mail:john.wags.2@gmail.com Seller Comments: Publish Date: 08MAR’19 Expired Date: 08APR’19

[V302-2] 2003 TOYOTA WISH / $3,000

Make:TOYOTA Model:WISH Year: 2003 Price:$3,000 Color:GRAY Engine Size:1.8L Transmission:AUTO Mileage: ******Km JCI Expiration:21 FEB 2021 Contact to at:DWAYNE SUMLIN Cell Phone:080-5039-4030 Work Phone: 225-4614 E-mail:dwayyne.sumlin.civ@mail.mil Seller Comments:   Publish Date: 08 MAR ’19 Expired Date: 08 APR ’19

[V302] 2002 HONDA FIT / $1,800

Make:HONDA  Model:FIT Year:2002 Price:$1,800 Color:GRAY Engine Size:1.5L Transmission:AUTO Mileage:45.374 Km JCI Expiration: 30JULY;20 Contact to at:Donna Sickler Cell Phone:080-3369-5278 Work Phone:225-7277 E-mail:dsickler@atsu.edu Seller Comments: Publish Date: 01MAR;19 Expired Date: 02APR’19

[V301] TOYOTA RAUM / $1,800

Make: TOYOTA Model: RAUM Year: 2004 Price: $1,800 Color: BLUE Engine Size: 1.5L Transmission: AUTO Mileage:  83,000Km JCI Expiration: 17 NOV 2020 Contact to at: ERIC NANCE Cell Phone: 080-6893-5387 Work Phone: 225-3191 E-mail: eric.nance@gmail.com Seller comments: Seats 5. 2 sliding back doors and one is automatic. Back seats fold down as well as passenger […]

[v299] 2004 MAZDA PREMACY / $1,300

Make:Mazda Model:Premacy Year:2004 Price:$1,300 Color:Black Engine Size:2.0L   Transmission:AUTO Mileage: 88,285 Km JCI Expiration:15MAY’20 Contact to at:Cullen Sullivan Cell Phone:951-334-9545 Work Phone:225-3551 E-mail:cullen.j.sullivan@gmail.com Seller Comments: Great family car in good condition that seats up to 7 people. Leaving Japan soon so I’m willing to negotiate the price. Just replaced tires on car and it has […]

[V293] 2004 TOYOTA WISH / $1,800 OBO

Make:TOYOTA Model: WISH Year: 2004 Price: $1,800 OBO Color:SILVER Engine Size:1.8L Transmission:AUTO Mileage:135000 Km JCI Expiration: 13 SEP ’19 Contact to at:BRANDON KNNACK Cell Phone:080-4933-5622 Work Phone:225-1316 E-mail:knnackb@hotmail.com Seller Comments: Publish Date: 13 FEB 2019 Expired Date: 28 FEB 2019

[V287] 2001 HONDA STREAM/ $2.100 OBO

Make:HONDA Model:STREAM Year:2001 Price:$2,100 Color: Engine Size:2.0L Transmission:AUTO Mileage: JCI Expiration:08Aug’20 Contact to at:Adam Labarr Cell Phone:080-3391-0371 Work Phone: E-mail:Adam.Labarr@yahoo.com Seller Comments: Publish Date: 24Jan’19 Expired Date: 24Fed’19

[V286] 1998 MITSUBISHI PAJERO/ $5,000 OBO

  Make:MITSUBISHI Model:PAJERO Year:1998 Price:$5,000 Color: Engine Size:3.5L Transmission:AUTO Mileage: 12,2000Km JCI Expiration:08MAY’19 Contact to at:Adam Labarr Cell Phone:080-3391-0371 Work Phone: E-mail:Adam.Labarr@yahoo.com Seller Comments: Publish Date:24Jan’19 Expired Date:24 Mar ’19

[V239] 2004 MAZDA MPV / $2,300

Make: MAZDA Model: MPV Year: 2004 Price:$2,300 Color: BLACK Engine Size:2.3ℓ Transmission: AUTO Mileage: 132,XXX Km JCI Expiration: 07 MAY 19 Contact to at: Jonathan Coffey Cell Phone: 070-1441-1465 Work Phone: 225-4590 E-mail: thecoffey412@gmail.com Seller Comments:Selling a 2004 Mazda MPV for $2300. Great van for growing families or heading to the ski slopes. Seats 7 […]

[V274] 2001 TOYOTA CELSIOR /$3.200

Make:TOYOTA Model:CELSIOR Year:2001 Price:$3.200 Color: WHITE Engine Size:4.3L Transmission:AUTO Mileage: 192.386Km JCI Expiration: 03MAR2020 Contact to at:Yolanda Bennett Cell Phone: Work Phone:225-8040 E-mail:ybennetts@gmail.com Seller Comments: Publish Date: 11DEC’18 Expired Date: 11JAN’19