[V336] NISSAN MARCH $1,500 OBO

Make: NISSAN Model: MARCH Year: 2003 Price: $1,500 OBO Color: Silver Engine Size:1,4L Transmission: AUTO Mileage: Km JCI Expiration: 2 AUGUST 2019 Contact to at: John Souza Cell Phone: 070-2828-0991 Work Phone: 225-3748 E-mail: john.souza@us.af.mil Seller Comments: Publish Date: 27th May 2019 Expired Date: 27th June 2019

[V335] 2009 NISSAN MARCH / $2,200 OBO

Make:NISSAN Model: MARCH Year: 2009 Price: $2,200 OBO Color: PURPLE / GRAY Engine Size:1.3L Transmission:AUTO Mileage: Km JCI Expiration:26 FEB 2020 Contact to at: ANGIE HEALY Home Phone:443-983-0564 Work Phone:224-0797 E-mail: charleshealy@gmail.com Seller Comments: Publish Date: 24 MAY 2020 Expired Date:24 JUNE 2020

[V334] 1999 SUBARU B4 / $2,000

Make:SUBARU Model: B4 Year:1999 Price:$2,000 Color:SILVER Engine Size:2.0L Transmission: 5 speed (Manual) Mileage: 107,xxx km JCI Expiration:3 APR ’20 Contact to at: HECTOR MENDEZ Cell Phone:090-6522-5915 Work Phone: 225-8040 E-mail:hmendez.hm@gmail.com Seller Comments: 1999 Subaru B4 107XXX KMs on it Twin Turbo, All Wheel Drive, perfect for travelling and getting around. I’ve been in snow/mud and […]

[V332] SUBARU LEGACY / $2,800 OBO

Make: SUBARU Model: LEGACY Year: 2000 Price: $28,00 OBO Color: BLACK Engine Size: 2.0L Transmission: AUTO Mileage: 90,500Km JCI Expiration: 21 MAY 2021 Contact to at: DUAN MITCHELL Cell Phone:090-9763-2111 Work Phone:225-7277 E-mail:duan.mitchell@live.com Seller Comments:   Publish Date: 20 MAY 2019 Expired Date: 20 JUN 2019

[V331] 2004 DAIHATSU TANTO / $1,600

Make: DAIHATSU Model: TANTO Year: 2004 Price:$1,600 Color:TAN Engine Size:660cc Transmission:AUTO Mileage: 87,600Km JCI Expiration:OCT ’19 Contact to at: Philip Inman Cell Phone: 080-5538-2883 Work Phone: E-mail: philinman@hotmail.com Seller Comments: 2004 DAIHATSU TANTO AUTO 5 DOORS YELLOW PLATE ROAD TAX PAID JCI DUE NOV 2019 POWER WINDOW, DOORS KEYLESS ENTRY Publish Date: 20 MAY 2019 […]

[V330] 2001 TOYOTA CELSIOR $2,400

Make: TOYOTA Model: CELSIOR Year: 2001 Price: $2,400 OBO Color: White Engine Size: 4.5L Transmission: AUTO Mileage: Km JCI Expiration: 3rd March 2020 Contact to at: Chris Hampton Cell Phone: 070-1401-0624 Work Phone: E-mail: chrishampton88@hotmail.com Seller Comments: Publish Date: 17th Mat 2019 Expired Date: 17th June 2019

[V329] 2004 NISSAN CUBE / $2,300

Make:NISSAN Model:CUBE Year:2004 Price: $2,300 Color:SILVER Engine Size:1.4L Transmission:AUTO Mileage: 89K (Km) 55K(Miles) Great on gas!!!! I paid $15 to $20  every 2 weeks.  JCI Expiration:8 JAN 2021 Contact to at: SHELLISA FORBES Cell Phone:070-2177-3111 / POA 070-3523-8413 Work Phone: E-mail:nanujii@gmail.com Seller Comments: I have maintained it well with regular deep-cleaning  and regular maintenance. I have maintenance documentation. […]

[V328] 2004 TOYOTA RAUM / $1.000OBO

Make:TOYOA Model: RAUM Year: 2004 Price: $1,000 OBO Color: BLUE Engine Size:1.5L Transmission:AUTO Mileage: 139,067Km JCI Expiration:7 OCT 2019 Contact to at: DOMDITER CHAN Cell Phone:080-4420-5527 Work Phone:225-2272 E-mail:diterpeter@gmail.com Seller Comments: Publish Date: 13 MAY 2019 Expired Date: 5 JUN 2019

[V337] 2002 NISSAN SKYLINE $1,500

Make: NISANN Model: SKYLINE Year: 2002 Price: $1,500 Color: Blue Engine Size: 2,5L Transmission: AUTO Mileage: Km JCI Expiration: 8th Oct 2019 Contact to at: Byron Wrenn Cell Phone: 080-9343-3540 Work Phone: 225-7018 E-mail: byron_cassandra@yahoo.com Seller Comments: Publish Date: 11th May 2019 Expired Date: 11th June 2019

[V336]2003 NISSAN CUBE $1,500

Make: NISSAN Model: CUBE Year: 2003 Price: $1,500 Color: Grey Engine Size: 1,3L Transmission:AUTO Mileage: JCI Expiration: 15th MAY 2020 Contact to at: Roger Alvarez Cell Phone: 070-1821-7330 Work Phone: 315-227-7801 E-mail: ralvarez994@gmail.com Seller Comments: For sale is a Nissan. SUNROOF!! SUNROOF!! NEW TIRES. NEW RADIATOR. 5 SEATER. HEATER & A/C 177k KM. JCI 15 […]

[V325] 2002 HONDA ACCORD $1,400

Make: HONDA Model: ACCORD Year: 2002 Price: $1,400 Color: Gold Engine Size:2,3L Transmission:AUTO Mileage: 15000Km JCI Expiration: 27th August 2019 Contact to at: Philip Inman Cell Phone: 080-5538-2883 Work Phone: E-mail: philinman@hotmail.com Seller Comments: 2002 HONDA ACCORD, ALL WHOLE DRIVE, RUNS WELL, NO PROBLEMS, COMES WITH SNOW CHAIN Publish Date: 10th MAY 2019 Expired Date: […]

[V324] 2005 TOYOTA SIENTA / $1,500

Make: TOYOTA Model: SIENTA Year: 2005 Price: $1,500  Color: Blue Engine Size: 1.5L Transmission: AUTO Mileage: Km JCI Expiration: 21 January 2020 Contact to at: Justin Cell Phone: 070-7470-6433 Work Phone: 225-9139 E-mail: sk8er3117@aoi.com Seller Comments: Publish Date: 09th May 2019 Expired Date: 09th June 2019

[V320] 2001 NISSAN SKYLINE / $2,000 OBO

Make:NISSAN Model:SKYLINE Year:2001 Price:$2,000 Color:TAN Engine Size:2.5L Transmission:AUTO Mileage: 133,000Km JCI Expiration:30 JAN 2021 Contact to at: STEVEN THOMAS Cell Phone:080-4869-1510 Work Phone:225-4368 E-mail:travelingthomases2@gmail.com Seller Comments: $2000 OBO – owned 4 yrs; new JCI as of Jan; 2 new front tires Publish Date: 07 MAY 2019 Expired Date:07 JUNE 2019

[V318] 2001 HONDA ODYSSEY / $2,200

Make: HONDA Model: ODYSSEY Year: 2001 Price: $2,200 Color: SILVER Engine Size: 2.3L Transmission: AUTO Mileage: 85,5xxKm JCI Expiration: 24 NOV ’20 Contact to at: Matthew Peacock Cell Phone: 080-7976-5163 Work Phone: 225-3218 E-mail: Matthew.D.Peacock@gmail.com Seller Comments: JCI good until November 2020 Road Tax paid 85,000 kms 7-seater; third row/foldaway seat Power everything Cold A/C; […]

[V316] 2005 MAZDA MPV / $2,700

Make: MAZDA Model: MPV Year: 2005 Price: $2,700 Color: WHITE Engine Size: 2.3L Transmission: AUTO Mileage: 39,000Km JCI Expiration: 5th April 20 Contact to at: Jason Ring Cell Phone: 080-7473-1006 Work Phone: 225-6658 E-mail: alecjasonring@gmail.com Seller Comments: Publish Date: 6th May 2019 Expired Date: 6th June 2019

[V310]2006 Nissan Note/ $1,800

Make: Nissan Model: Note Year: 2006 Price: $1,800 Color: Blue Engine Size:1,5L Transmission: AUTO Mileage: Km JCI Expiration: 6 Oct ’20 Contact to at: Charles Wiedie Cell Phone: 070-3193-4511 Work Phone: 225-7717 E-mail: Charles.zeldivar@gmail.com Seller Comments: A Blue Nissan Note 2006 with keyless entry, 1 key FOB, pioneer AVH-290BT media deck with USB hookup, all […]