[V386] 2004 Nissan Cube Cubic $1,000

Make: Nissan Model: Cube Cubic Year: 2004 Price: $1,000 Color: White Engine Size: 1.4L Transmission: AT Mileage: 89,861km JCI Expiration: 11 Feb 2021 Contact to at: LINDA Cell Phone: 080-7126-5682 Work Phone: E-mail: Seller Comments: RUNS VERY GOOD NO PROBLEM AC IS GOOD WORK GOOD FOR FAMILY   Publish Date: 1st Oct 2019 Expired Date: […]

[V387] 2001 Honda Accord 4d wagon $1,200

Make: Honda Model: Accord 4d wagon Year: 2001 Price: $1,200 Color: White Engine Size: 2.3L Transmission: AT Mileage: 88,581km JCI Expiration: 29 Aug 2020 Contact to at: Edward D. Browne Cell Phone: 070-4474-8585 (SMS only) Work Phone: 225-0607 E-mail: browne@ieee.org Seller Comments: White, very good condition, never a problem in 3 years, roomy, priced to […]