[V364] 2001 TOYOTA VOXY / $2,200

Make: TOYOTA Model:VOXY Year: 2001 Price: $2,200 Color: Silver Engine Size: 2.0L Transmission:  AUTO Mileage: JCI Expiration: 4th December 2020 Contact to: John Wagner Cell Phone: 090-6492-4559 Work Phone:225-9407 E-mail: john.wags.2@gmail.com Seller Comments: Publish Date: 16th July 2019 Expired Date: 16th Aug 2020

[V345] 2003 NISSAN SKYLINE / $2,000 OBO

Make:NISSAN Model:SKYLINE Year:2003 Price:$2,000 Color:WHITE Engine Size:3.0L Transmission:AUTO Mileage: 97,404Km JCI Expiration: 16 Nov 2020 Contact to at: Israel Navarro Cell Phone: 080-6860-2028 Work Phone: 255-4857 E-mail: israel.navarro.in@gmail.com Seller Comments: White paint, tan interior, 4 door, automatic $3000 or Best Offer Publish Date: 10 JUNE 2019 Expired Date: 10 AUG 2019

[V363] 2004 NISSAN SKYLINE / $3,000

Make: NISSAN Model: SKYLINE Year: 2004 Price: $3,000 Color: BLACK Engine Size: 2.5L Transmission: AUTO Mileage: 1,740km JCI Expiration: 29 OCT 2020 Contact to at: JOENETTA WATKINS Phone: 1-(702)-287-3376 Work Phone: 225-8511 E-mail: joenettah401@gmail.com Seller Comments: Brand new air bag and brand new side mirrors, Dual A/C controls for passenger and driver, minor paint tear […]

[V362] 2000 HONDA AVANCIER / $2,000 OBO

Make: HONDA Model: AVANCIER Year: 2000 Price: $2,000 OBO Color: BLUE Engine Size: 2.3L Transmission: AUTO Mileage: JCI Expiration: 9 MAY 2020 Contact to at: CANDICE KEENE Cell Phone: 080-3253-6886 Work Phone: 225-4384 E-mail: cchapin007@gmail.com Seller Comments: features Japanese navigation sys, CD disk changer, power windows, key fob. runs great this is a spacious car […]

[V353] 2007 Mazda Premacy $1,300 O.B.O

Make: Mazda Model: Premacy Year: 2007 Price: $1,300 O.B.O Color: Dark Purple Engine Size: 2,0L Transmission: Auto Mileage:  105536 Km JCI Expiration: 25 Sep 2020 Contact to at: Andrew Karrer Cell Phone: 080-6555-0581 Work Phone: 315-225-9554 E-mail: ts4life02@aol.com Seller Comments: Reliable family vehicle, ready NOW dueto PCS. 4-door with dual powe-sliding doors. Seats seven with […]

[V351] 2001 TOYOTA WILL VS / $1,100 OBO

Make: TOYOTA Model: WILL VS Year: 2001 Price: $1,100 Color: PURPALE Engine Size: 1.8L Transmission: AUTO Mileage: 84,800km JCI Expiration: 20 SE 2020 Contact to at: Richard Greco Cell Phone: US 813-507-1553 (iPhone) Work Phone: 225-9882 E-mail: richard.greco041@gmail.com Seller Comments: 2001 WiLL VS 4 door hatch. Made by Toyota. Very good condition. I have had […]

[V349] 2004 Nissan Cube $1,600 O.B.O

Make: Nissan Model: Cube Year: 2004 Price: $1,600 OBO Color: Blue Engine Size: 1.4L Transmission: Automatic Mileage: 74,966 KM (46,582 miles) JCI Expiration: 20 June 2021 Contact: Ernesto Arosemena Cell Phone: 070-1187-5215 Work Phone: 225-7740 E-mail: ernestoarosemena@sbcglobal.net Seller Comments: Vehicle is in immaculate condition inside/out.  Has record of scheduled maintenance, and very low mileage.  Heating and […]

[V330] 2001 TOYOTA CELSIOR $2,000 O.B.O

Make: TOYOTA Model: CELSIOR Year: 2001 Price: $2,000 OBO Color: White Engine Size: 4.5L Transmission: AUTO Mileage: Km JCI Expiration: 3rd March 2020 Contact to at: Chris Hampton Cell Phone: 070-1401-0624 Work Phone: E-mail: chrishampton88@hotmail.com Seller Comments: *New Battery Installed *5 Disk CD player *hydraulic suspension *Automatic windows *Heated seats *Rear massager *Cooler *custom body […]

[V316] 2005 MAZDA MPV / $2,700

Make: MAZDA Model: MPV Year: 2005 Price: $2,700 Color: WHITE Engine Size: 2.3L Transmission: AUTO Mileage: 39,000Km JCI Expiration: 5th April 20 Contact to at: Jason Ring Cell Phone: 080-7473-1006 Work Phone: 225-6658 E-mail: alecjasonring@gmail.com Seller Comments: Publish Date: 6th May 2019 Expired Date: 6th July 2019

[V336] NISSAN MARCH $1,500 OBO

Make: NISSAN Model: MARCH Year: 2003 Price: $1,500 OBO Color: Silver Engine Size:1,4L Transmission: AUTO Mileage: Km JCI Expiration: 2 AUGUST 2019 Contact to at: John Souza Cell Phone: 070-2828-0991 Work Phone: 225-3748 E-mail: john.souza@us.af.mil Seller Comments: Publish Date: 27th May 2019 Expired Date: 27th July 2019